Hogan's Entertainment

Nerf Gun Battles

If you’re looking for a way to entertain active kids or adults, our nerf gun battles are the perfect fit. You provide the location and we provide the nerf gun entertainment. It can be set up either outside or inside in a gym.

How it Works

Participants will be divided up into two teams. We’ll give the instructions, and then the battle begins! Players may be hit 5 times before they are out. The team with the last people standing is the winner.


Nerf gun battles are perfect for birthday parties. You can provide entertainment for all the active kids at your child’s party without having to do any work. We come in, set it up, give the directions, and monitor the game. Hogan’s Entertainment creates stress-free birthday parties, so parents can sit back and relax…or join in on the fun!

Other events nerf gun battles are great for:

  • Corporate events. Nerf gun battles is a great activity to help promote teamwork and strategy, which makes it a good activity for corporate events.
  • Youth Groups. If you’re looking for a new activity for your youth group to do, having a battle with nerf guns can provide a lot of fun and entertainment for the kids while promoting leadership and working together.
  • Community gatherings/festivals. Our nerf gun entertainment is a good fit for small town celebrations or community events which include activities for children.
  • Get-togethers with family and friends. If your family gatherings or group of friends have a lot of children to entertain, our nerf gun battles are the ticket. And, if everyone pitches in, it makes it affordable entertainment for the entire group.


2 hours: $350
Our team will arrive 1 hour early to setup.

Call us at 515.679.0997 for more details and to book our nerf gun entertainment for your next event.

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