Hogan's Limousines has your back this Valentine's Day - Man with flowers

Hogan’s Limousines has your back this Valentine’s Day

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Guys, it’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Thinking of resorting to what you do every year—bringing her chocolate and maybe flowers with a card? That’s what the average guy would do. But you’re not average. You’re manly. You’re classy. You’re top-notch. And, you’re in love. Go above and beyond her expectations and rent a limo to go along with the chocolate and flowers for a special night out to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

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Arrive in Style With Your Little Princess–in a Limo!

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Are you planning to attend a princess ball or father/daughter dance? Make the outing even more special for your little princess by arriving in style the event. Hogan’s Limousines would love to help make the experience magical by treating her to the all the luxury a princess deserves. But wait, that’s not all—pick up princess friends along the way for even more fun!

Contact us at 515-679-0997 to book your princess limo ride today!

Arrive in style with your little princess--in a limo

Single Moms Giveaway

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Heather Richards was the winner for our single moms giveaway around Des Moines, Iowa! Heather is a single mom to a 9 year old boy. She works two jobs to ensure that Max, her son has everything that is needed. Whenever she isn’t working to support them, she is volunteering at his school, cheering him on at his different sporting events or doing favors for other friends. Heather very rarely gets pampered. Now she will get to go on a shopping spree for Christmas gifts in style around Des Moines. Enjoy your night while being transported in one of our beautiful limousines. Congratulations Heather!

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Holiday Lights in Style

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Want to see the Holiday Lights in style around Des Moines, Iowa? Check out the link below!


Hogan’s Limousines is partnering with Train to Inspire to help those who deal with adversity in order to improve their social, emotion and physical health. A percentage of proceeds from Hogan’s Limousines goes towards Train to Inspire at all times

Single Mom and Single Dad Giveaway

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This holiday season, we’re partnering with Wrapid Real Estate to sponsor a holiday shopping spree for one single mom and her family and one single dad and his family–all done in luxury while Hogan’s Limousines escorts you in one of their limos around Des Moines, Iowa.

Share why someone you know is deserving of such a special gift in a short and sweet note sent to support@wrapidrealestate.com.

All nominations must be submitted by November 29. Watch the video below for more details!

Plan on touring the Holiday Lights?

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Are you in the holiday spirit and thought about touring some holiday lights? If so, Hogan’s Limousines would love to take you and your entourage on a ride to tour the lights while making lots of memories during this holiday season. You would be able to fit everyone into one vehicle while ensuring that you are riding in style safety. It would be a night to remember around Des Moines! For pricing call us at 515-679-0997. We can’t wait to make memories with you!


Weddings with Style

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5 Limousine Transportation Advantages for a Wedding-

Limos are a great way to arrive and depart in style, which explains why they are a popular transportation for so many weddings. Limousines can really add a touch a luxury and elegance to make a wedding even more memorable. Make sure to go through the tips below to insure that you choose the right limousine company for your special day!

  1. A limo can help you arrive and depart in style- Weddings are one of the best days of your life. You will want to arrive and/or depart from your wedding feeling and looking amazing!
  2. Limos can be a lot of fun- Who doesn’t like to have a blast on their wedding day? Everyone knows that weddings can be really exciting! Limos are spacious so you can comfortably fit your entire wedding party in them! Most limousines include thrilling lights, music of your liking as well as a serene environment. If you want to reveal in the excitements and energy of a wedding day, riding in a limo is always a good choice around Des Moines, Iowa.
  3. Say goodbye to stress with riding in a limo- As everyone knows wedding days can be quite stressful. By booking with Hogan’s Limousine, you’ll have one less stressor on your plate while planning your big day. You can guarantee that you’ll be arriving and departing on time while making memories of a lifetime!
  4. Peace of mind- You can have a peace of mind that your transportation will show up for your big day while keeping you and your wedding party safe while traveling around the town.
  5. Precious time- Your time is precious when planning for such a big event. It is the best day of your life so spend your time planning for bigger details. Let Hogan’s Limousines take care of the transportation for your wedding party.

Book with us now! Give us a call at 515-679-0997.Hogans Limousine landing background image

The Amazing Wedding Race

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Hogans’s Limousines is super excited to say that we are going to be a sponsor of the Amazing Wedding Race in Des Moines, Iowa! We will be donating 25% off  one limousine service to every couple that participates in this event! The winning couple will receive four free hours of a limousine ride for their wedding events (bachelor/bachelorette party or wedding). Make sure to participate in this event!

Check out the Amazing Wedding Race with Skeffington’s Formal Wear around Des Moines, Iowa!


“Last night was 1 of the 2 mandatory meetings for the The Amazing Wedding RaceFall race on November 4th and GOSH are these vendors excited to meet everyone. We still have 14 couples spots open so hurry and register”