Single Moms Giveaway

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Heather Richards was the winner for our single moms giveaway around Des Moines, Iowa! Heather is a single mom to a 9 year old boy. She works two jobs to ensure that Max, her son has everything that is needed. Whenever she isn’t working to support them, she is volunteering at his school, cheering him on at his different sporting events or doing favors for other friends. Heather very rarely gets pampered. Now she will get to go on a shopping spree for Christmas gifts in style around Des Moines. Enjoy your night while being transported in one of our beautiful limousines. Congratulations Heather!

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Single Mom and Single Dad Giveaway

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This holiday season, we’re partnering with Wrapid Real Estate to sponsor a holiday shopping spree for one single mom and her family and one single dad and his family–all done in luxury while Hogan’s Limousines escorts you in one of their limos around Des Moines, Iowa.

Share why someone you know is deserving of such a special gift in a short and sweet note sent to

All nominations must be submitted by November 29. Watch the video below for more details!

Princess Party

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BOOK your next princess party with Hogan’s Limousines around the city!


Hogan’s limousine will pull up at the birthday girl’s home and be greeted at the door by the Princess.  Each young lady will dress in their own special princess attire and will be escorted to the limo by the Princess, where she will present each young lady with a wand and tiara. After a magical 45 minute limo ride around Des Moines, the Princess will lead the little ladies in birthday songs, games, read a special story, and pose for birthday photos inside and outside of the limousine. The Party is for up to 8 girls, tiara and wand for each girl, limousine ride with the Princess as well as photos inside and outside the limo with the princess. $175 for your next 45 minute Hogan’s Limousine’s princess party!


Do you want a Hogan’s Limousine princess party experience that’s twice as long? For $225 each little princess will dress in their own fairytale attire and will be escorted to the limo by the Princess who will sing songs, play games, read a special story, and present each child with a wand and tiara, while touring the city of Des Moines in a limo for 45 minutes.  After the royal tour, the Princess will escort the children back to their home where they will each pose for photos with the Princess inside the birthday girl’s house. The Princess will then stay for serving the birthday cake and opening gifts. How much fun! The party is for up to 8 girls, tiara and wand for each girl and 45-minute limousine ride with the Princess. It also includes photos with the Princess inside the birthday girl’s home and opening of gifts, eating birthday cake and enjoying time with the Princess.


Book your next Princess Party

by calling our emailing us:


Let us be your #1 limousine rental service in Des Moines, Iowa

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For many, riding in a Hogan’s Limousine is truly a memorable experience. You can reserve our limousines for your most treasurable events such as weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, proms, birthday parties or just a night out on the town with your favorite group of people. Fortunately, reserving one of Hogan’s Limousines is very easy and convenient even for someone who is renting a limo for their first time. You will be guaranteed to have a positive experience from the minute you hire Hogan’s Limousines to the time the driver drops you off at your final destination. We hire friendly, reliable drivers as well as keep our vehicles in pristine condition. Let Hogan’s Limousines be part of your most memorable outings. Let us be your #1 limousine rental service in Des Moines, Iowa!